Display long strings via hovermode

Hello everyone.
I am building a dashboard using Dash to allow colleagues to interact with academic results relating to student performance. Most columns in my dataframe are numeric or small strings. I, however, have a column with distinctly lengthy string data, which is justification of any awarded metric. This can be in the order of > 600 words. As with most things, the hovermode is fantastic at making the connection of visual and other data formats. I was wondering how much flexibility there is in the hovermode popup. Quickly trying, it appears that the text will not wrap into the popout. I can’t see anything jumping out at me in the documentation. If I can associate this long string with the hovermode it would save me formulating a number of bootstrap modals…so it would be very useful.
Many thnaks, Dave

You can use the Python textwrap module to wrap long lines for you, inserting <br> for line breaks