Display Google Colab - JupyterDash plots into a Web Application

Hey there! New here. I built an Express app with React in the frontend and ML analysis in Google Colab, I got some graphics like heatmaps and other plots that I display using Jupyter-Dash.

I’d like to find a way to display those plots in my React App so I don’t waste time translating them from Python-Colab to TensorFlowJS or somehting like that. I realized JupyterDash gives you a ‘local’ URL like [] and it’d be easy for me to make an HTTP request to that since it’s a localhost server, but it doesn’t work cuz when you click that link, it redirects you to some colab.googleusercontent.com (which seems to be not localhost), and the previous mentioned local address doesn’t work. I’m wondering if maybe, using Ngrok it’s gonna be possible to do some HTTP requests or something…

But again the main goal is just to display some plots from Colab into my React web app.

Thanks in advance, Dash is awesome!