Display all the related result to enable 'like' function in dcc.dropdown


How to add % or * in the searching box under dcc.dropdown to create enable ‘like’ function? (I not sure whether the dcc.dropdown able to do so, or if have any others idea, please share :grinning:)

so, allow to search and display all similar result.

for example, i can search something like ‘%zen%’ in the dropdown menu, then it will show the all the related result as per below

Zen Ng.C
Zenson (company)
Jen & Zen
Louis Zen Smitch

Hi @beginof

the wildcard search is done by default. You can check in the docs:

when you enter ci it will display all results with ci in the string.


Hello @beginof,

Are you just wanting to display the available options and select ONE.

Or are you wanting to display all the available options and then select ALL of them?

Hi @jinnyzor,

yes, select all of them.

but can I just key in something like %zen% in searching box, then will display all the relevant data which is fulfill the searching criteria instead of create a option called “ALL”?

Hi @nilsfl,

Yes, it will display all results in the dropdown list but will not able to show all the relevant data in the table.
Expect to show all the relevant data based on the searching criteria.


I do not think that you can accomplish this through the drop-down alone, but would require so workarounds maybe…