Disabling Treemap transition animations while using it as an interface

Hi all,

Im am currently using a go.Treemap as in interfacing tool. The data I work with is effectively a large nested dictionary, such that a treemap visualization of the data is a nice tool to click through the data.
The ids in the treemap are a combined string from the selected element up to the root element, such that I can use the treemap clickData to obtain the original data in the nested dict and plot it interactively.

However, if the currently selected Treemap item contains a lot of children items, it seems that the transition animation between two Treemap ‘states’ slows down the selection process, as it is laggy. To avoid this I’d like to disable the transition animation as a whole. I have tried setting fig.layout.transition.duration = 0 and also fig.update_layout(transition_duration=0), but they both seem to have no effect.

Is there a way to disable this transition animation? Or are there other options to improve the speed at which you can click through the treemap?

All help is appreciated! Thanks in advance.

I’m on Dash 2.9.3 and plotly 5.15.0