Disable interactive rotation of polarbar plot

Is there an equivalent to fixedrange for the polar plot that can help me prevent the user from rotating the polarbar plot. Currently, if they hover their cursor in one of the 4 corners, a little pan symbol appears and they can begin to spin the radial axis. This behaviour needs to be disabled as there are custom static annotations which no longer align if the graph is spun.

htmlwidgets::onRender("function(el,x){ el.on('plotly_legendclick', function(){ return false; }); el.on('plotly_afterplot', function(){ var polar_list = document.getElementsByClassName(\"polarsublayer draglayer\")[0]; polar_list.getElementsByClassName(\"angulardrag drag cursor-move\")[0].style.pointerEvents=\"none\"; polar_list.getElementsByClassName(\"radialdrag-inner drag cursor-crosshair\")[0].style.pointerEvents=\"none\"; polar_list.getElementsByClassName(\"radialdrag drag cursor-crosshair\")[0].style.pointerEvents=\"none\"; polar_list.getElementsByClassName(\"maindrag drag cursor-crosshair\")[0].style.pointerEvents=\"all\"; });