Disable dcc.Loading animation on chart with hoverData callback

I currently have a graph inside of a dcc.Loading so when the page first opens, the loading animation shows the user that the graph is loading

dcc.Loading(className='twelve columns nospace height-85', children=[
      html.Div(id='power-curve', className='twelve columns', style={'height': '100%'})

The problem I am having is that I also have a callback that when hovering over this graph, it shows some of the data points as labels in a separate “chart” (KPIs) above the graph. Each time I move the cursor along the chart, the data-is-loading turns “true” and for a split second it shows the animation on the chart as if it were reloading again…

So is there a way to disable to “is_loading” when just grabbing data from a hoverData callback?

Great suggestion. I don’t think that this is possible right now. I’ve created an issue here: https://github.com/plotly/dash/issues/951