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Disable back button in app

How can i disable user to not to go back to dashboard without again logging in even if he presses back button in Chrome/IE.

Not sure you can do this, but it might be easier to detect url changes, and based on current url, route to your login page. See for more info and examples.

Also, if you found a way to do this in Chrome/IE, would the same method work for Firefox, Moziilla, etc?

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If this is not possible then Can i close My IE or Chrome once I click logout button, please help.

Possibly…the following may work but it’s untested. Unfortunately, the python webbrowswer module does not have a close() method.

import time
import subprocess

# Store this, possibly in a dcc.Store component
web_process = subprocess.Popen(["google", "http://www.yourwebsite"])

# When logout button click detected, try this..
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