Different callback order in dash 2.7 and 2.7.1

I am wondering if there was any change in callback execution order done in dash 2.7.1?
In dash 2.7.0, when button in my app was clicked it would trigger a callback that would disable all buttons, then second callback would perform some calculations. Once the second callback was finished, it would trigger the first callback again to enable back all buttons (the second callback triggered it by writing out dcc.Store with id first callback had configured as Input). It’s been working this way since dash 2.3 or at least 2.4.
Now I just upgraded to dash 2.7.1 and it no longer works - now the first callback only gets triggered once the second callback is finished - but now with two triggered inputs.

I want to check if this was an intended change (so I will rewrite my code) or if it’s possibly a bug? I cannot see anything about the callback execution order being changed in dash 2.7.0 release notes, I couldn’t find release notes for 2.7.1 but I doubt a significant change like this would done be in a minor release?