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Dictionary into a Dash Table

I’ve been trying to turn what I think is a dictionary into a DashTable, but I obviously am not comprehending something as I have been trying different things for hours. What I would actually like to do is turn each of my rows into a dcc.Tab and have a very own table for each row.

I am using a slightly modified version of the dcc.Upload Excel example:

What I have completed so far is the ability to turn the dictionary into a readable format using pandas orientation.
the below two images show, what it originally looks like, by printing out the dictionary. And then how I would like it to look by changing the orientation of the data.



So ideally, the end product would look similar to this example Dash page. (except with the correct data in the tables and of course cleaner looking CSS)


Github Link: (haven’t committed in a little while so code might not be the exact same, but very close)