Deploying dash app using Heroku

I am trying to deploy a dash app using Heroku and i have several questions to ask.
1- my app requires data from excel sheets. let suppose the folder i am pushing into heroku, where i have my .py file and Proctfile, etc., is called my_dash_app, do i just include the excel files inside this folder or do i have to do something else?
2- my python file has other codes besides the dash app, (necessary to manipulate the excel files and turn them into df, etc.) does heroku execute the .py file like any other compiler or i can only include the code inside the .py file?
3- most importantly, my dash app is embedded within a class, and i need to fit several methods before the app.run_server method. will this work?

you can check my app code at guthub:
Data_Science_Projects/ at main ยท tghannam/Data_Science_Projects (

Any help is much appreciated.