Deploying a Dash application to Heroku - dash_bootstrap_components - Error

I am new to heroku and Dash and trying to deploy my Dash application which runs successfully locally.
It appears “dash_bootstrap_components” is the culprit. I have confirmed that “dash_bootstrap_components” is listed in requirements.txt file. My console indicates that Heroku built the app successfully, but when I go to the path instead of loading the website it says “Method Not Allowed.” Has anyone seen this, or familiar with the issue?

Do your Heroku logs indicate a more verbose error message?

I have a Dash app deployed to Heroku utilizing dash-bootstrap-components and there are no issues.

What versions of Dash, bootstrap are you running?

I’m working with Heroku, PostgreSQL and Bootstrap-Components and my app’s do the things right with any problems like that. If you want, you can use my dash multipage installer in pypi with heroku, bootstrap and postgres config files: