Density contour hovering data not entirely correct

There are two parts that go wrong with this code:

    fig = px.density_contour(dff,
                             x="x", y="y", nbinsx=50, nbinsy=50,
                             hover_data=['place', 'type'],
                             title='density plot',
                             width=850, height=850,
                             range_x=[0, 500], range_y=[0, 500],
                             color_discrete_sequence=['blue', 'green'])

First of all, when hovering the data, the type always shows no:

But when I filter it to yes, it does appear:

The example also has the same problem.

I wonder how to fix this to show the correct info when the entire plot is shown (Without using facets, because apparently, that works)

The second problem is how to remove the hover data that you don’t want and correctly add those that you want? Because hover data seems not to be working.