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Degrees and Radian

I entered the data in as degrees and went to run the sin of the angle, but Plotly sees the number as radians and thus does not give me the correct sin of the angle. Is there a way to switch the calculation into degrees. I know how to convert, but that just adds an extra step for my students (they are finding the relationship between the angle of the ramp and the force needed to hold an object in place). The linear graph is the familiar Fg sin (theta), but all angles are in degrees. I want them to just beable to use the sin function in degrees.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to automatically switch from degrees to radians.

We are planning on putting a lot of work into polar charts this spring. Adding an auto-conversion step as you described will be part of it. Stay tuned for the latest developments.

Thank you- much appreciated.

Any updates on this?