Dealing with multiple menu options and multiple dataframes

I’m new to Dash, moving over from plotly, trying to create an app, but I’m having trouble finding direction.

Background: I have data from 2 locations. They are originally from 4 different .csv files each (8 total files) that have been combined into one dataframe. These .csv files are based on different times (00Z, 06Z, 12Z, 18Z) with multiple parameters at each time for a future, forecasted time (weather data). 2 locations, 4 different times, 5 different parameters.

For a line graph, x is the forecasted time (about a week) and the y is the parameter data like wind speed.

I have attempted to do this in plotly, but seem to be running into trouble, and have heard its easier in dash

Here is what I want to do: I want a line graph that has 2 buttons for each location. From this, you can select from 4 different times, and then select from the 5 different parameters. So 3 menus total, all dependent on each other.

Ideally each once the location and time are selected, if one wanted to chose multiple different parameters they would just form subplots until they wanted to clear them or chose a different location and/or time.

I was just wondering if this was possible, any help on some barebones code would really be appreciated.

Fwiw, I can easily create one of the parameters for multiple sets at a set location in plotly, but it gets murky when creating a the separate location and times.