Deactivate autofocus on newly created browser tabs

Hello! I use plotly with Python on Linux machine. When a new graph is created (using renderer='browser'), a tab in the currently opened browser opens; for example, in Firefox. When a tab opens, focus automatically jumps to Firefox window. So if my code has a loop with N iterations, and a new plot is created in each iteration, then N tabs will be opened in Firefox; the issue is that each time a plot is created, Firefox browser “steals” the focus, thus obstructing my work if I try to do something in parallel in another window. The focus jumps back to Firefox every several seconds, because every several seconds a new plot is generated and a new tab is opened.

Is there a way to disable this behavior, i.e. deactivate autofocus for the browser on a new plot creation? Please note that I want graphs to be displayed in browser tabs; I just don’t want autofocus on tab creation.

Or is this an more of a browser issue, which is not related to Plotly itself?

Any help is appreciated! Have a nice day :slight_smile: