dcc.Upload - parse contents with multiple worksheets

I want to upload an excel-file with multiple worksheets trough the Upload Component. From what I understood, the data is read as contents (which is a string) and needs to be decoded. In the examples that I found in the user guide and on this forum it was always a single worksheet. But how do I decode multiple worksheets? Is the contents a list of strings? I have 9 worksheets and would like to write them each to dataframe. Thanks in advance for any help!

See here for help on this - yours is not a Dash question. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/26521266/using-pandas-to-pd-read-excel-for-multiple-worksheets-of-the-same-workbook

Yes thank you, it was really that easy. All this decoding stuff confused me.

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Hi kna - could you share the solution that worked for you? I’m having the same issue and I’m not finding the ‘easy’ solution.