Dcc.slider custom values doesn't work dash

I want to use marks as a custom values but I didn’t get successful result.

dbc.Row([dbc.Col([dcc.Slider(id="slider-time",min=0, max=0,step=None,value = 0,marks={})])])

def unixTimeMillis(dt):
    ''' Convert datetime to unix timestamp '''
    return int(cal.timegm(dt.timetuple()))

def unixToDatetime(unix):
    ''' Convert unix timestamp to datetime. '''
    return pd.to_datetime(unix,unit='s')

def getMarks(start, end):
    ''' Returns the marks for labeling.
        Every Nth value will be used.

    result = {}
    for i, date in enumerate(daterange):
        result[unixTimeMillis(date)] = {"label": str(date.strftime('%Y-%m-%d')), "style": { "font-size":10}}

    return result

@callback([Output('slider-time', 'marks')],
              Input("store-data-d", 'data'),
              Input("slider-date", 'value')
def updates_slide_time(t_data, d_value):
    for k, v in t_data.items():
        if "B-S yer dəyişdirmə(Hamısı - abunə ilə)" in k:
            dbt = pd.DataFrame.from_dict(v)
            gdf = pgd.GeoDataFrame(dbt)
    snx = str(np.datetime64(unixToDatetime(d_value)))
    dr_df = gdf[gdf["Tarix"].astype('datetime64[D]') == snx]
    kl = dr_df["Tarix"]
    mrk_t = getMarks_time(kl)
    return mrk_t