Dcc.checklist values are not updated when setting input checked property to true


First post here. I have a dcc.Checklist (technically several Checklists each with a single checkbox, the reason being that I could not figure out how to put anchors in the Checklist children). I wrote some javascript which which allows a user to click and drag across the checkboxes to select or deselect multiple boxes at a time. I did this by adding event listeners to inputs with type “checkbox”. These listeners set the inputs’ “checked” properties to true or false depending on the click/drag action.

The code works as I expected in the GUI, however when a dash callback fires which uses the state of the checklist’s values, it seems that the values have not actually updated - it’s as if none of the boxes are selected.

Does anyone know why this would be or have a simple solution for this problem? Thanks so much,


PS - I am relatively new to dash (and javascript/web dev) but have been loving it so far!