dbc.Spinner how to structure in a multi-page/component context

In its current state, dbc.Spinner activates the moment its children experience any change. If we place a spinner over say a html.Div, then any changes within that Div causes the spinner to activate, covering the entirety of the Div space. is it possible to isolate the spinner to only components that are impacted instead? Perhaps some form of cascading spinner logic where if a spinner is added for a child of the Div then we take the one that is closest to the component? You could arguably say why not just wrap the components in spinners instead, but problems come up when you need a spinner over the entire html.Div for when you “switch pages”.

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Your question helped me: I needed to break up a single large Dash function into constituent elements, and I did this by creating a bunch of individual spinner elements for each, and my spinner stopped spinning. Your question told me I needed to move all those spinners into the children of the main spinner. Thanks!

Now…does anybody know how to change the color of the spinner based on which children are active?