DatetimeProperties.to_pydatetime is deprecated

After updating Plotly, I started receiving the following FutureWarning:

python3.11/site-packages/_plotly_utils/ FutureWarning:

The behavior of DatetimeProperties.to_pydatetime is deprecated, in a future version this will return a Series containing python datetime objects instead of an ndarray. To retain the old behavior, call `np.array` on the result

I’m not explicitly using to_pydatetime() in my code. However, I am using a Pandas DataFrame to build various Plotly graphs over time, where the x-axis is populated with Pandas datetime objects (from a DataFrame column).

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to address this warning? (I don’t think explicitly converting the datetime properties to a NumPy array is the solution in this case.)

Having the same issue. I have created a venv for my project and am facing the same Future error, and I have made the suggested changes to the file by calling np.array() function on the said lines, even though the error persists.

Hi! I’ve got the same problem. Did you find any solution to this?