Datetime layout type and tick spacing

Hi Everyone,

I’m working on plotly with datetime type as an x axis.
I’m trying to change the spacing with the datetime layout, indeed my data is not evenly spaced in time, and I would like to space it like the type=‘category’ layout, ie I would like that x axis spacing depends on the number of rows in a timeframe rather than time value itself.
If I use category type, I lose the rangeselector and buttons options, that why I’m trying to keep the layout type datetime.
here is a screenshot of what the result I have now, and the one I would like to have : (but with datetype type so I can use rangeselector and buttons):

Would someone has faced this issue ?
the closest thing I found on the topic, is partial datetime (for instance someone have january, april and december, and they had to list the 3 month for the axis, but here I can’t do this solution).

Thanks a lot !