DateRangePicker - How to Quickly Toggle Between Years in Calendar


With the DataRangerPicker component, is there any way to quickly navigate through different years in the pop-up calendar that comes up for a user input for start/end dates? Or does such functionality not exist currently?

Reason I’m asking is that it can be tedious if you have a large date range in terms of years such as 2010-2020 and have to go through it month by month. The alternative would be to allow a user to input their own dates or use a date slider instead though I’m wondering if there’s a workaround or way to do this through the calendar.

If it helps, I have some sample code from a current approach I’ve been messing around with:

                    min_date_allowed=dt(2010, 1, 1),
                    max_date_allowed=dt(2020, 4, 1),
                    start_date_placeholder_text='Start Period',
                    end_date_placeholder_text='End Period',
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