DatePickerRange choosing same date


I’m currently building a web application in Dash and wanted the user to be able to choose dates using the DatePickerRange from the dash core components. However, I want it to be flexible so that the user could use a span of multiple days, or choose one day for each of them. I know that I could have an option to ask the user whether or not they want to select multiple days or just one day and use the DatePickerRange/DatePickerSingle, but I was wondering if there was a way to choose the same day for both when using the DatePickerRange, or if there’s a prop I could use to enable me to choose the same date.


Could you try setting minimum_nights=0? That is, DatePickerRange(..., minimum_nights=0) ? This property specifies the minimum number of nights that must be selected between the start_date and the end_date