Date formatting issues

Noob here. My date data is supposed to be formatted in UTF8, but when I import it to Dash and try to plot it on the X axis, it goes crazy. I tried following the link, but it looks like this has changed in the UI. Any help would be appreciated.


@sanpietro - great question. Check out the docs on date format here:

In particular, dates either need to be datetime.datetime instances or in a list of strings that have the format like 2017-01-20 09:20:40

Thank you for replying. That will be great help when I create an instance in Python. I got my products confused. I am using the online chartmaker, which I guess doesn’t really have a name other than that? Apologies for the confusion. So to clarify, is it possible to make the datetime.datetime transformations via the web interface? Thank you!

Ahhh, got it! Unfortunately there isn’t a way to do date transformations in the chart editor yet. The community forum for the chart editor is here: :slight_smile: