Datatable with Tabs - Share selected row indices between tabs

Is it possible to share selected row indices using Dash DataTable and Tabs?

I have a datatable in my first tab that I’ve incorporated using a hidden dash-table-experiments component in the layout.

I have a graph on my third tab and I would like to plot data related to my selected row indices in my first tab.

The steps would be:

  1. Open my app
  2. Access my datatable in my first tab. It’s my defaut tab so it works up to here
  3. Select some rows
    4. Go to the third tab: get the selected rows: Here it doesn’t work.

Any solution for this?


Solved using hidden Div.

ruhkog,could you please show your code ?

You could, instead of using hidden Div, try look into the dcc.Storage module which was introduced a couple of months ago.