DataTable the first used filter will not be displayed when changed

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Describe your context
No need, can be recreated right from Dash tutorial here DataTable Filtering

Describe the bug
Only on a newly loaded site please!
in Advanced filter usage section, let’s say you enter “> 10000000” without quotes (10 million) in pop column
The page is down by half, good, now copy the string “{pop} s> 10000000” without quotes
Switch to Write to filter_query option, and paste it in
Now if you increase or decrease the zeroes, the filter section on the table gets updated EXCEPT at 10 million!
The filtering still occurs (pages change), but it’s not displayed in the data table filter zone

Expected behavior

a change in data table update filter_query, but a write in filter_query at that initial value does not update the table.


See for yourself
If you go to 100 million and go back to 10 million, filter still shows 100 million
If you go to 1 million and go back to 10 million, filter still shows 1 million

Basically, if you change the filter in datatable first, then change it from other controls, the filter in datatable will not update at the exact query you used in the datatable.