DataTable: setting height has strange issues


  • datatable with frozen header. The rows scroll up or down but the header remains fixed.
  • the page size is 30 rows


  • Rows are truncated when a column has cells with a lot of text in them. Here 7 rows are shown:
  • Next page starts with 31st row. Rows 8-30 have been truncated
  • The visible page size is now locked to 7 rows. Making the height of the rows smaller by removing the column with the bulky text does not change anything - it’s 7 rows that goes. Rows 8-30 remain invisible.
  • Increasing the height of the table will reduce the number of invisible rows
    style_table={'minHeight': '10000px', 'height': '10000px', 'maxHeight': '10000px'}
  • …BUT that does not solve the problem. If I now can see 10 rows, then the table will have fixed maximum ten visible rows per page.
  • IF I set the table height to a very high number, eg a million pixels, THEN all rows will be visible. BUT then the header stops being frozen and scrolls up and down together with the rows


  • The native table height unit is rows, not pixels. Correct?


  • If I can set the table height in rows instead of pixels, that can solve my problem. Is this possible?
  • What is the maximum height for frozen headers to work?
  • Is this to be considered a bug or am I just lacking knowledge?