DataTable fixed_rows, Header does not move with horizontal scrolling

I ran into an issue when i try to use fixed_rows. When horizontal scrolling occurs with resizing the browser or having too many columns the header does not move when you move the horizontal scroll bar.
I also ran into the same issue in the example given on the Plotly Dash documentation website in the “Vertical Scroll With Fixed Headers, Workaround Option 2: Fixing the width of the columns” section,
I have tried google chrome and firefox both having the same results for the Dash documentation example, the header does not move horizontally with the horizontal scroll bar. This results in misalignment of column headers and prevents me from seeing all of the column headers (if there were many column headers).
Attached is a picture of my code i used to get this issue and the package versions.

Thank you

I found a little workaround out that if i use fixed_columns with fixed_rows, then when i use the horizontal scroll bar my headers move as well to reveal the rest of the headers, but this results in now my first column being fixed as well.
Attached is a picture of the adjusted code for the work around:

Hope this helps someone else with a similar issue,


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