DataTable expands beyond the boundaries of its assigned div by a few pixels horizontally

I have created a datatable and placed it inside a div that is colored and shadowed. However the DataTable expands beyond the width of the div by a few pixels horizontally which can be noticed by looking at the shadow on the bottom edge of the DataTable on the right:

My layout is a bunch of Divs inside dbc.Row and dbc.Col calls to create a flex grid. The rule to fit html tables neatly into these Divs is to set style={‘width’: ‘100%’} to both the Div and the Table. Making the same assignment within the DataTables css hash or defining margin and padding seem to reduce the size appropriately.

How do I get a dt.DataTable to correctly fit inside a html.Div widthwise or adjust it if it does not?

setting style={‘width’: ‘90%’} didn’t reduce it either. Is there some other method to correctly set width?

solved it using:

                'maxHeight': '50ex',
                'overflowY': 'scroll',
                'width': '100%',
                'minWidth': '100%',
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or not really. It fits but is still a few pixels too large and the final column is cut off and there is horizontal scrolling in place :disappointed:

It might have something to do with this:

solved it, thanks for your help!