Datatable dropdown - clear value not working


can someone tell me why the “clear value” option inside a dropdown field is not having an effect anymore?

When I click on the “x” left to the drop-down-arrow the value in that cell is not disappearing anymore. I am very sure that it worked once. I even specified the (optional) “clearable” option:


as specified here but it did not help.

Any ideas what is missing or might cause that effect?


Hi @dash_noob

It seems to work still. Try running the example from Dropdowns Inside DataTable | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly

If the example from the docs works for you, then if you share a minimal example that reproduces the problem, it will be easier to help.

Hi @AnnMarieW

sorry for late reply. I had to change the column type. It was set to "‘type’: ‘text’, " and after removing the type specification “Clear Value” was working again.

:thinking: That’s odd - seems like a bug.