DATATABLE.- Double tooltip related to two singles columns of differents dataframes

How can i add an extra tooltip for my dash datatable ?

With a df i made a dash datatable following the instructions in documentation… meanwhile i was interested in add just one tooltip in one column no related with df, but related with a df2 (df with just one column) and it works perfectly with the next snipped:
Now i’m getting a tooltip in my table with:

                'METRICA': {'value': str(value), 'type': 'markdown'}
                for METRICA, value in row.items()
            } for row in df2.to_dict('records')


Where METRICA has the same size and was compatible with datatable

But now i’m looking for a way to “add an extra tooltip” to other column (column called CRITERIO), in this case related to df ( the df wich i took to create the datatable)…
The last in order to have just two columns (in a datatble with 10 columns) with tooltips

I’ve tried some ways but theys didn’t work… Can you help me? thanks in advance