DashCanvas for imag annotation

Hi, thanks for developing this amazing tool. The DashCanvas is very useful for our project and I would like to build my annotation tool based on it. However, as of now I cannot find much doc on it. I am curious how to

  1. Allow for deleting of bounding boxes or lines drew by the users. The default buttons only have “Select”.
  2. How to freeze the background image, i.e. disable any dragging on it.


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Hi @heroesneverdie, welcome to the forum! These features are not available yet for dash-canvas but it’s part of the roadmap. Please stay tuned :-). Dash-canvas is a young project and it’s very interesting for us to get feedback from users such as these feature requests, so thank you!

Also at the moment you cannot delete shapes but you can “undo” if you want to delete the last added shapes. Of course it would be better to have a delete button.

Please note that shape drawing are now integrated with plotly.py 4.7 (and plotly.js 1.54), see