Dash VTK - orientation marker and scalar bar

Hi everyone!

I would like to use orientation widget and scalar bar in my dash-vtk app. Are these components available? If yes, how can I use them please?

Hi rodrigomologni

Scalar bar looks like this:

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Hi @SamuelVT! I would like to show a scalar bar inside the 3D View component (Dash VTK). I think your solution does not allow this, or allow? Anyway, thanks for the help!

There is a work-around requiring a rebuild of the javascript described in this closed issue:
Color legend · Issue #52 · plotly/dash-vtk (github.com)

I had some luck attempting that but some other issues showed up so i reverted dash_vtk back to the latest on github and built a colorbar in plotly next to it. Ideally both the colorbar and triax would be available in dash_vtk without work arounds, but I am not familiar enough with the javascript to attempt to fix it myself.

you can see a hacky plotly colorbar next to the dash_vtk window in these examples:

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Hi @skiefer! Thank you so much for your answer. VTK.js has ScalarBarActor and OrientationMarkerWidget. I would like to use them. But, I think, both are not available in Dash VTK yet.

Scalar bar is already implemented in react-vtk-js. I enabled use in Dash VTK:

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I added orientation axes in react-vtk-js. If my pull request is accepted, I will enable orientation axes in the Dash VTK.

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Excellent, I see your orientation axis pull request was accepted and merged.
Thank you for contributing!

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