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Dash VTK Julia examples

Hi, are there any plans for some examples to use Dash VTK in Julia? Thank you.

Hi @carlomontec! Is there a particular example you’re interested in? This post is a bit older, but if you’re running into trouble getting started, let us know.

The component behaviour is relatively regular across languages, so if it helps to see an example of another component used in Python and Julia, this might be enough to get you going:

@rpkyle thank you for the snippets.
However, I can’t seem to find the DashCytoscape module for Julia anywhere. Judging by the recently opened Github issue for dash-cytoscape to add support for Julia, I am guessing it is not publicly available?

@Mata you can find complete Dash VTK docs for Julia at

Dash for Julia User Guide and Documentation | Plotly

Please share anything that you create, we love to see it!