Dash URL routing to id in current page

Hi there,
I am building a webapp querying test results from a sqlite database (# or records in the 1,000s).
Most of the time I will have results from > 10 different test methods for a given comparison. Results are displayed as bar graphs, scatter graphs, pictures, etc. It makes for long, linear page and a lot of vertical scrolling before reaching the information your looking for (but at the same time having everything at the same place is what I am aiming at).
To limit the scrolling, I managed to put a sidebar and am trying to make hyperlinks in the sidebar jump to the section I want to navigate to.
Here is my question: I looked at url routing documentation and at this thread, but could not find a way
there to link to a given id=foo in current page. Like it would be done with href=#foo in html.
Is there a way to link to a location in current page with dash?