Dash updating long page scrolling to bottom of page


I have an app that dynamically generates a series of dynamic datatables and also refreshes on an interval. After every refresh the page automatically scrolls to the bottom of the page where the last table is generated. Is there a way so that it doesn’t scroll?

ugh yeah, this seems like a bug with the open source table component that we are using behind-the-scenes. I’m not sure of a workaround for now. However, I’m currently working on a complete rewrite of the table component that will be less buggy.

Hi Chris

Any updates on this? I can help

This ended up just being one of the many issues with the underlying react component that we’re using for dash-table-experiments. So, we’ve been hard at work for several months in creating a new table component from scratch. We’re hoping to open source it around september. This, among many other issues, will be fixed in the new version :slight_smile:

Very excited for this!

thanks. happy to help code in the new version if you need any help.

Hi Chris, just wanted to check in on this and see if there are any updates. Really looking forward to the new table component! Thanks for working on it.

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