Dash table filtering with integers

Hi all,

I’m encountering an issue combining dash table filtering with intergers. I have a column of numerical labels, (depots numbered as integers). I want to be able to filter one specific depot, however to do this I have to enter '“901” (quote marks included) rather than simply, 901. This make the app i’m trying to build very prone to user error. It seems to be because the column gets converted automatically to string type when using dash datatables. The dataframe from which the table is made has type “int”

As an illustrative example, i’ve attached screenshots of the same behavior occurring for the first example here:


In my own use case, there are approximately 20 columns, for which ONLY ONE has this issue! The table is one which appears and is calculated after inputting parameters, rather than being uploaded directly, or being present from the start.



This has been resolved, please ignore :slight_smile:

How did you fix this? I’ve got the same issue!

The dataframe definitely has the field as an int not string…