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Dash_table_experiments does not load with flask_caching behind gunicorn/wsgi


I have a working app that runs fine in debug mode (python However, when I launch the same app using gunicorn locally (gunicorn application:application), the worker starts, attempts to load my data, but then fails and I see this page. Everything worked fine (behind gunicorn, etc) until today when I implemented the caching.

Dash had an error in the front-end.
dash_table_experiments was not found.
in e
in e
in div
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in Connect(e)
in div
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in Connect(e)
in o
in Connect(o)
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I noticed this when I deployed my app back up to my previously working ElasticBeanstalk instance. I can log into it and see the cache-directory being created and populated.

Relevant code is below:

app = dash.Dash("auth", external_stylesheets=external_css)

cache = Cache(
        "CACHE_TYPE": "filesystem",
        "CACHE_DIR": "cache-directory",
        "CACHE_THRESHOLD": 200,

application = app.server

Loving Dash, by the way! It’s going to make our clients very happy.


This may have to do with a borked virtualenv, after all, and have nothing to do with the package. I’ll update when I figure it out.

Definitely was the environment. Oh the joys of pipenv. Here’s the diff. Essentially, I turned off allowing pre-releases and rebuilt it.