Dash Table - Dropdowns Inside Table?

Hey All,

Is there a way to add drop-downs as part of rows in an editable table? There is this use case where I would like the user to select an item from the drop-down in Column A and then set some arbitrary value in Column B:

Column A Column B
Banana 10
Apple 5
Orange 6

Where Column A contains a list of [Banana, Apple, Orange]


There is not right now. However, I am working on a brand new table component that will incorporate this.

Here is a sneak preview:


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Many thanks!

This is amazing work Chris! Might be asking for alot here but is there any alpha source code I can take a look at with the drop-down example you have?

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for the time being, i used an html.Table and adjusted the entries according to predefined variables(dcc.Dropdown or dcc.Input.
would be extremely tedious if you’ve got a large table though.

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Unfortunately it’s not ready to be shared yet. It’s currently being developed for a customer project (Consulting, Training & Open-Source Development) and we’ll share it once it becomes more stable.

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No worries. Amazing work by the way!

That looks amazing @chriddyp. Cant wait!!! :smile:

Hey @Ola, can you please share me a small working code. I’m stuck at this point and not able to figure it out on how to update it. Thanks.

Unfortunately, I overwrote the code I had, but it was something along the lines of:
x = dcc. Input(...)
y = dcc. Dropdown(...)
html.Table(html.Tr(html.Td(x), html.Td(y))) repeated for the number of rows needed.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

Plotly Dash desperately needs a full-dancing and singing data table component.
Atm, I have switched from current table prototype to html.Table(), because prototype had made my code unnecessary complicated (in my use-case). But I believe that in the future, python server callbacks for a data table is such a unique feature in Dash that it will make all those fancy javascript table libraries run for their money.
Keep up the great work @chriddyp !

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Thanks @Vlad! The new Table is one of my top priorities right now, look forward to an initial release within the next month or so.


Hi @chriddyp - looking forward to the new table component. Very very excited :smiley: . Any idea when it might be available? Something like this would be fantastic - https://github.com/nadbm/react-datasheet !

Looking for this feature!

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any updates on this feature? :slight_smile:

We’re looking to open source our work torwards the end of the month. Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to announce it on this forum :wink:


Can’t wait for this ^___^ :smiley:

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Keeping this thread alive, any news?? :roll_eyes: :upside_down_face:


Can’t wait Chris! Even an early (unstable) preview would be useful, to see where are you going with it. e.g. should we invest in our own Component now or should we wait for a common one.

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Soon! Next week or two.