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dash_table.DataTable vs dbc.Table

Hi all,

I recently started trying Dash and I’m very excited so far.

I just realized there are Bootstrap components and I’ve been trying to switch my current application to use them and that’s when I noticed my app has slowed down greatly.

The issue is dbc.Table. Its performance (at least on my app) is worse than “regular” dash_table.DataTable. It made the whole app run incredibly slow, even tabs that were not related to the dbc.Table itself.

Has anybody faced similar issues?

Thank you! Have a great day!

Hey @soliveirabelo

The dbc.Table is really just a html.Table with some CSS classes applied, whereas dash_table.DataTable is a fully fledged table component that is capable of doing all kinds of manipulations on the client-side. I don’t know how much data you have in your table, but I suspect that both the generation of the table structure, as well as the sheer number of Dash components being generated could pretty easily slow dbc.Table down. If you need to do any kind of filtering, pagination, reordering columns etc. you’re definitely better off using dash_table.DataTable.

It would be really cool to have a Bootstrap datatable, but it could be a pretty serious undertaking as DataTables are complicated components, so I don’t know if it’s likely to happen anytime soon.

Hi @tcbegley,

I just posted a related question here:

Could you please advice on how to use a DataTable in a bootstrap styled page?

Thank you.