Dash table data is not updated after applying native filter, so selected rows give wrong data

Hi all,
I am building dash table with native filter and single/ multiple selection. The issue is that when filter is applied I can see the filtered table from UI, but when I select row from that table, the selection is not based on filtered data, rows and data keeping the same as without filter. That issue results in wrong data returned from selected rows.
For example, I have 7 rows in model table and applied filter to get 2 rows. When I select the second row as model id 5, I still get data for the selection as model id 3 (the second row as model table without filter)

I am using

Could any one help with this issue? How to update filtered table data as live data when native filter is applied, and let it works with row selection?

Could this feature be added in the future? @ chriddyp
Thank you so much for all the help!