Dash shownotification

Is there a convenient way for me to send error messages directly to the page.

My idea is as convenient as shiny shownotification.

example ide app

    Output('graph-content', 'figure'),
    Input('dropdown-selection', 'value')
def update_graph(value):
    if value is None:
        shownotification("error message",type = "error",position = "top-right")
        raise PreventUpdate

Hi @Liripo, did you take a look into dash-mantine-components?

The notification could be an option:

You might want to try out the log transform,

thank you. I will use the above method later. I probably know, but if it can be used directly in each callback without output, it will be easier to use, the above is just my idea. Similar to direct print.

yes this is what i want.Thank you.

Nice, didn’t know about the log transform.