Dash Sample applications within julia language ecosystem

Hiya, I wanted to build sample applications listed at “https://dash.gallery” highlighting the power of dash as a library, within the Julia language ecosystem as a learning endeavour.
Although, most of the apps on there are using dash enterprise, I had no choice but to opt for a cloud based hosting service with mongodb atlas as a database.

I am a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador with monthly azure credits for running cloud services on azure, which enabled me to manage and work out my application in julia.

Currently almost done with the usa.gov website analytics dash application in julia.

Wanted to contribute towards making Julia under dash and plotly more recognised and inclusive.
The entire application is quite similar , but written entirely in julia with different packages under Julia ecosystem.
Wanted to know, if there is a place for the source of these projects, which can benefit someone in the future wanting to work out with Dash and Plotly in Julia.

usagov-website-analytics source

^ the repo will provide homage to most of the sample apps under dash in julia.
currently the “usagov-website-analytics” application is under active development.

Any response would be much appreciated. Can’t wait to learn more and start exploring and building my own applications using dash :slight_smile: