Dash Python, can't line up DataTable with Graph


bear with me I started using Dash 3days ago only…

I make blocks of similar size on a same row, when I add two graphs all is good, however when I wanted a DataTable next to a graph it doesn’t line up.

I found this but it didn’t help (or I didnt know how to apply it)

Thanks :slight_smile:

edit: maybe I need a ‘float’:‘right’ added to style of datatable, I tried this locally and worked, will try with the actual problem Monday to see if it solves the problem.
In case someone thinks it solves it, can you please explain why and what is that attribute ?

Hi, @ichafai,
There are 2 children marks and 1 row, 1 column in className, you have to follow it exactly as it is. I also have the similar problems. and I fixed it by following the suggestion you found.