Dash project - questions: multipage page container concept, browser scaling, new plotly logo URL

Hi all,

as my private Dash project I started to implement a multi-page application
(coding is on GitHub)
and by now first questions pop up:

  1. for the footer I want to add the new plotly logo, but don’t know the URL, so, I have used the address of the plotly.dash.com page logo (position: top left). I guess there is a better address.

  2. not being a web developer, I struggle with device screens. With my desktop and notebook browser set to 90% everything looks fine, but I have to set this browser option manually. And I have not tested it on small devices. Nevertheless, how can I set this 90% as default setting for the browser visualisation?

  3. Lastly, I have problems to understand how to work with the page container. Therefore I am working with html.Div(id=‘page-content’,), and my app layout in the main.py file looks like:

app.layout = dbc.Container(
    children =[
        dcc.Store(id="store", data={}),
        dcc.Location(id='url', refresh=False),
        'background-color': '#f7f7f4',
        'background-size': '100%',
        'padding': 5,

I found Ann Maries GitHub page with all the information links which probably helps to move from the former concept to the new one.

Any kind of help and information is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Finally, thank you very much for your amazing course! It was a pleasure to work on it and a great improvement for me.

hi @Ilo2023
Looks like a promising app you’re making. Thank you for the kind words about the course.
Try using this logo. Let me know if it works.

Ann’s examples are super helpful.
The dash.page_container is used within a multipage app with Pages. With the docs and Ann’s examples, things should become a lot clearer to you, but you specific questions about creating multipage apps, definitely ask them here.