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Dash Production Environment White Space Removal?

Hi there! I Have written a script that generates a Dash that loads 12 images… (3 rows, with 4 images on each.) They load all well and good, but They don’t quite take up the screen space. There is some white space left over to the right and bottom that is probably a few hundred pixels. It is nothing massive, but I would love to try ‘scale up’ these images so that they stretch to always cover the entire page, leaving no white space. Zooming into the page doesn’t work as if i zoom in, it breaks the picture formatting.

Below are two little snippets of the code I use. The top is my example of ~trying~ to fix the problem, but this did nothing unfortunantely. The bottom is the original block of code I used which left the white space. Also, using code to physically increase the image size does not address this problem as well, so it seems like it has to be done on the dash side of things.

app.layout = html.Div([


app.layout = html.Div([

Does anyone have any solutions to how I could fix this problem?