Dash Plotly global template change

Is there anything similar to the Mantine Theme Provider for use with Plotly graph templates? I would like to change the global theme across Mantine, AgGrid and graph templates to switch between light and dark mode. This works with Mantine and AgGrid, but I don’t know of a way to set a global for graphs. Is this something anyone has been able to do?

Did you try dash_bootstrap_templates that provided by AnnMarie? You can take a look here.

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Thanks for the link @hoatran . Looking through there I think I could get that to work, but not in the way I was hoping for. I’m looking for something that would work completely client side, so that changing the theme wouldn’t require a roundtrip and a reload of all the graphs. And similarly, making it global so that I didn’t need to target every generated graph for reload.

Hi @benn0
That feature is available in Dash Enterprise in the Dash Design Kit. I don’t know of any opens source solutions, but that would be an awesome upgrade for the theme switch components in the Dash Bootstrap Templates library. :slight_smile:

Hi @AnnMarieW , I am keen to take a crack at this, my only concern would be that I end up lost in Plotly javascript internals. If you have any pointers on how I might approach this, that would be very welcome :slight_smile: