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Dash-Plotly App Authentication - Login Details Saved As Cookies/Heroku Hosted 'Type' Object error

I have incorporated an authentication functionality into my code based off of the official Dash-Auth docs. This app is to be hosted on heroku. Couple of things happen (Code is below) :

app = dash.Dash('app',server=server)
app = dash.Dash('auth')
auth = dash_auth.BasicAuth(
  1. Locally, the authentication works flawlessly, except that once you login into the app it saves the login info as cookies. Hence, if you would refresh the page or probably paste the link to a new window it wont ask for the login info again unless and until you clear you cookies in the browser.

  2. Once the app is pushed to the heroku master it successfully deploys it, unfortunalely the app does not open due to an application error. On checking the heroku logs the error shown is below. This error is not shown if hosted locally.

'TypeError: ‘type’ object is not subscriptable '.

As per the post I have removed so im sure the error has nothing to do with it. As per this post around the 8th comment someone raises the issue of the login but the reply is not definitive.