Dash Patches - Dash Leaflet - Partial update

Hi all,

I am interested in partially updating data in Dash Leaflet map chart… I want to make user be able to scroll left and right, and plot/show additional data accordingly…

Will it require whole map re-rendering i.e. will it make all existing points to be plotted/rendered again?

Can we integrate partial updates with third party libraries?


How are you loading your data? If you use the geojson component with clustering enabled, dynamic rendering is performed out of the box - no callbacks needed :upside_down_face:

Thanks Emil once again for creating amazing Dash-Leaflet!!!

I have lines, points and polygons… I load them for bbox of 100x100 meters. I want to update geojson with data when user moves for more than initial bbox… But, I would like to keep existing data because user will potentionaly come back to position on map from which he started (and I do not want to query that data again, if possible)…

I work with proprietary data, so I cant share it here… But, I will try to mock up small example that resemble this use case so that I can explain it more clearly my usecase…