Dash Parameter recovery

Is there a way to restore the page parameters by passing a hash value through the URL, such as This makes it easy to share with others.

Does this help?

This seems to be a use case for building multiple pages, which is different from what I thought.
What I want is an Input on the page, like dcc.Dropdown, to be able to restore my last selected option.

if you know shiny, like shiny bookmark.

Hello @Liripo,

DE has the snapshot engine which is what I believe that you would be after.

If you wanted to save a snapshot, you can do it by iterating through all your components and taking all the props and saving them. XD

It’d be better to store this into a db like you mentioned, and use a id to fetch it from there.

Hope this helps you out.

Thank you.
Are there any examples?
If there is no easy way, I will try to manually save all id’s props.

Nope, I dont have any examples, sorry.

The best thing would be to only focus on storing the props that you want to return in the state. (values, etc)

A lot of values, if provided will allow you to get back to the current state without needing to save the entire apps state.